The Origin of Law: A Historical Perspective

The legal systems in force around the world have their roots in ancient societies. Civil law, which is based on ancient Roman law, is a system of laws that must be followed. Common law, on the other hand, originated with the monarchy of England and is based on precedent. So, where does the law come from?In the United States, our legal system is derived from Great Britain.

The colonists of the original thirteen colonies brought their own set of rules and principles to their new society. The English common law system evolved over centuries and was based on the principles of right and wrong that were established by ancient tribal peoples. English common law originated in the early Middle Ages at the King's Court (Curia Regis), a single royal court located in Westminster, near London. Like many other primitive legal systems, it initially consisted not of substantive rights but rather of procedural remedies. The development of law has been a long and complex process.

Over time, laws have been adapted to fit changing social and political conditions. Today, laws are constantly being revised to reflect the changing needs of society. The legal system is an ever-evolving entity that is constantly adapting to meet the needs of its citizens.